How to Block Online Gambling Sites from 3 Platforms

How to Block Online Gambling Sites from 3 Platforms

Basically, how to block online gambling sites you need to know in order to avoid the ads and offers that are given. You must have felt disturbed by online gambling advertisements that suddenly appeared when accessing a site on the internet.

Apart from avoiding ads, you can also restrict their access directly. Online gambling sites have been banned by the government because of the risk of fraud and misuse of personal information. When registering, online gambling sites always ask for personal information such as accounts.

The condition is very dangerous if you leave it alone. This method is very effective because situs judi bola terbesar it can limit access and avoid the appearance of ads. You can try applying this method in a computer browser, an Android cellphone browser or an IOs.

You should know how to avoid getting trapped in online gambling games. Currently, the legal rules for online gambling sites in the ITE Law can already punish the parties concerned. Therefore if you don’t want to get involved, then avoid gambling sites as far as possible.

Several Ways to Block Online Gambling Sites
Blocking gambling sites can use an extension program or directly restrict access to the main host. Everyone is free to choose their own way of blocking sites. Here’s a way that you can use to block online gambling sites directly.

1. Use Adblock
Adblock is an extension used to prevent ads from appearing. This program can also be used to restrict access to a site. How to block online gambling sites with adblock is very easy, you only need to activate it.

How to activate it, you simply go to the extension store in the browser. After that just look for adblock that can be installed into your browser. How to block with adblock can also be used on Android or iOS cellphones.

The trick is to download an application that supports adblock such as Opera or Brave. Both applications have automatically installed adblock so that gambling sites are impossible to penetrate. The reason is because gambling sites have lots of advertisements that limit their access.

2. Gunakan Stay Focused
In addition to adblock, there is also another extension that can be used to restrict sites, namely Stay Focused. the method is still the same because you only need to open the application and activate it. In a computer or mobile browser, everything is there.

For computers, you can search for the extension directly, while on a cellphone you need to download the application. Stay Focused is superior to adblock because of its many features. Blocking gambling sites is made easier with this feature.

Features such as restrictions, block hosts or domains to data managers are all there. By knowing what online gambling is and its dangers, you can avoid the site directly using a blocker app like Stay Focused.

3. Browser Settings
Apart from using extensions you can also use browser settings. But this method is very difficult because you need to copy the link first. The link is copied and placed in the browser settings section of security (security).

How to block online gambling sites is different from the device you use. If on a PC browser, you can activate the safe search feature to avoid illegal sites such as online gambling. While on an Android or iOS cellphone, you need to adjust the browser you use.

Chrome usually provides a Safe Search feature in its settings section. While other applications have their own security options. The reason online gambling sites can be blocked is because it has been recognized as a dangerous site by the government so you have to avoid it.

4. Use Local Network
The last way to block online gambling sites is to use a local connection. In Indonesia, the government has tried to limit access to malicious sites. Online gambling is included in one of the dangerous sites because it is prone to fraud.

Local connections already know the existing regulations so that gambling sites cannot be accessed. However, this attempt can be canceled when the site user uses a VPN. With a VPN you will use a foreign IP so that malicious sites can be accessed.

But the danger of a VPN is that the data on your device can be hacked by certain people. Therefore the use of VPNs is strictly prohibited because of the dangers involved. How to block this online gambling site is very easy, because you only need to use a local connection.

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