The sport that can be bet on at SBOBET , football is probably the most popular sport on the planet. The reason is, this sport is played on every continent and is the most popular sport in dozens of countries around the world. Some people may think that football is a European-focused game, but that is not the case. Football in Indonesia as well as other Asian countries continues to grow and has shown its potential both for achievement and for betting on soccer gambling sites.

At one of the Indonesian online soccer bookies, FFBet prepares a selection daftar akun sbobet of football matches, ranging from European competitions to the Indonesian League every week and below we will provide information on what bets are the most popular among online soccer betting bettors:

The Most Popular Bet at the Trusted SBOBET City
Bet 1×2
Football is at its core a game about scoring goals, so is the essence of the sport when it comes to betting. Because of this, many soccer gambling players who are beginners choose the simplest bet, 1×2. This market, also known as Moneyline betting, means betting on which team will win the match outright. The choices in this market are quite simple and the odds depend on the quality and current performance of the two competing sides.

Over/Under bet
The over/under betting market is quite popular in football because bettors can bet on a number of things. Most commonly, we will look at over/under bets with a 2.5 goal cap which means whether the match will end with a total of more or less than 3 goals. However, there are also over/under bets for cards (yellow and/or red) or corners or corner kicks that you can play at the SBOBET bookie.

Detailed Betting
This kind of bet is also known as ‘props’ and is often played by soccer bettors because there are many things that can be bet on. For example; Do you think your favorite centre-forward will score one or more goals in the next game? Which half will be more productive and will there be penalties in the match? This is an obviously attractive bet as it offers mixed odds and high averages.

What Bets Are Usually Placed on
If you are a fan of European football or really love football regardless of the competition, you probably already know what types of bets bettors are looking for the most. However, we understand that not everyone is that knowledgeable and we want to make sure every one of our users understands what markets are the most profitable at a trusted SBOBET bookie.

When it comes to soccer specifically, the best professional sports bettors out there usually look at the over/under market, both teams to score (Both Team to Score / BTTS), and the Asian handicap market. The over/under betting market focuses on the total number of goals to be scored in the game.

This market is very statistics oriented and things like in-form player injuries affect it a lot. Asian handicaps, on the other hand, are markets looking for an underdog who might surprise or at least not lose by a large margin, thus still winning by the handicap.


If you are looking for good odds at SBOBET bookies, you may also need to know long-term bets such as which club will win the tournament or league or who will qualify for the European cup, international competition or World Cup. Of course, this bet is made for the long term, so don’t expect any results from it quickly.

Lastly, props betting is the most fun. Especially if you make it live while the game is running. However, the odds of this market are very volatile and rarely provide the best profitable value, so we recommend caution for this one market.

Tips & Tricks: Top 7 Advice from our Betting Experts
Experienced sports bettors know that it takes a lot more research to win a bet than just placing a bet and then hoping that everything goes as expected. Therefore, trusted SBOBET bookies always provide tips and tricks so that all bettors can benefit from soccer gambling. If you want to bet on soccer, here are some suggestions you can follow:

Betting on domestic leagues : Every bettor must come from one country and they certainly know a lot of details about the domestic leagues in their country. Betting on several Indonesian League matches, for bettors who come from this Southeast Asian country, you can try to start and maybe place a bet on your favorite team if the odds are favorable.

Try bigger competitions : There are bound to be attractive odds in betting on major international competitions. Champions League betting is certainly one you don’t want to miss, with many very important matches on the calendar, of course the profit potential is very high.

Look for the best odds : In all types of football betting markets, you and all bettors in the world always want to get the best odds. Make sure you bet at a trusted SBOBET bookie, who always offers the best odds on the match of your choice.

Combine your bets via parlays : Parlays are another great way to bet on football. Combine multiple matches from one round of competition and make a great parlay slip with incredible odds and achieve big wins.

Keep your bets under control : Never let your bets get out of hand in terms of size. If you bet and the amount is very large, you will lose control and will find it difficult to recover the lost capital. Follow our advice on bet sizes for each match.

Try betting on other sports : Sports other than football can also be a lot of fun to bet on, especially if you enjoy watching them too. Take a look at the FFBet page to find out what sports can be bet on online.

Stay accountable : Above all, remember that sports betting is just a means of seeking fun and should never get too carried away. If you start to lose money that you need for other things, be sure to stop or ask for help if you find it difficult to do so.
Conclusion: Bet On This Beautiful Game
Football is called a beautiful game for good reason. Because it is one of the most International games which brings together people from all over the world. If you’re ready to start making some soccer bets, let SBOBET bookies help you with our betting tips and soccer parlay picks every day. We guarantee that our selections will enhance your overall betting experience and give you an edge you never expected in sports betting.