The Sure Way To 100% Win Football Gambling

The Sure Way To 100% Win Football Gambling

If you are tired of being disappointed by football bookmakers, and wondering how to always win bets, then my tips this time may be right for you or at least minimize losses. But if you want to continue to win without losing, please read the tips I made HERE.

It’s not the origin of random boss bets !! We need to know all the statistics of the Club that is competing. Not only that, we also have to choose the right gambling town, to prevent unwanted things from happening. So, if you want to get rich through football wap sbobet mobile gambling, you have to follow the following simple rules .

1. Always Bet with a STABLE Formula
That means you have to bet stably. Suppose you have 10 million, then you have to bet 1% of the value of that money, which is Rp 100,000. When you lose, double the bet twice, which is Rp 200,000. If, lose again, double double, that is Rp 400,000. If you still lose, double double again 2x, and so on until you get one victory.

It’s not possible that you always lose the game, do you remember the lesson about ‘OPPORTUNITY’ when you were in school ?? If there are only 2 objects then the chance is 50:50.

So, it is not possible that you always lose the bet. And if you use the above formula, with just one win you have returned the capital and get a profit of Rp 100,000. And Remember !!Once you win, return the value of your bet to $ 100,000.

To support this first tip, please understand the 2nd and 3rd tips below.

2. Always Bet on 2.5 Goals for the Following Teams
There are many teams that score goals and conceded a lot of goals. I will share the list here. So, every time you see this team compete, please score more than 2.5 goals and your chances of winning will be 70%.

List may change from time to time (Pantengin continues

3. Always bet BTTS for the following Teams
BTTS (both teams to scoce) is often also referred to as GG (Goal Goal), is a betting model that is won if both teams make a goal, regardless of the final result of the match. The minimum final score must be 1-1 to win.

The development is GG3, ie both teams make goals with a final number of at least 3 goals. For example, the final score is at least 2-1 or 3-0.

Here are the teams with the top strikers in the world. Whenever you see these teams competing against each other, just place your bet on BTTS.

List may change from time to time (Pantengin continues

Don’t gamble carelessly, if you don’t know the formula !! Remember, in gambling always position yourself as an entrepreneur , so that you are always obedient and obedient to company rules. So, whatever match and type of ball bet you choose, never get out of Rule number 1 !

Tell us what you think about this post. Once you’ve run these tips correctly, please provide testimonials, so that other friends don’t go wrong.