What is an Online Fish Shooting Gambling Game?

Online Fish Shooting Gambling is one of the online slot games whose games are served in slot machines, games that can be played by up to 8 people per table. For the wider community, this game is already familiar, we certainly often see it on Funworld and Timezone in several malls in your city.

This fish shooting gambling game is also known as fish hunter, this game is already popular in various countries including Indonesia. Fish shooting missions is to shoot different kinds of sea animals like fish, giant octopus and sea dragons.

The goal of playing Fish Shooting Game is to get the highest points by shooting different types of fish. Then these points can be exchanged for various prizes.

If you shoot big fish to get high points, you can hit the jackpot. Now the fish shooting gambling game situs judi online24jam can be played online, simply by using an Ios or Android smartphone.

Guide to Playing Online Fish Shooting Gambling

In fish shooting game is not difficult, players have to catch or shoot fish that have points on the game table.

This fish shooting gambling game also has some weapons as follows:

  • Normal Shooting

An ordinary weapon in fish shooting games, usually used to shoot small fish. If you are lucky you might get a big fish.

  • Speed ​​Up Shooting

Weapons above Normal, weapons capable of catching big fish in the game. to be able to get Accelerate weapons, it takes a large point.

  • Aim For The Target

Bonus weapons that are rarely obtained, if you get them, use them well to catch fish with big points.

Fish shooting game also has 3 main functions as follows:

  • Info button

This button serves as an information guide on how to play, and can also function to view the results of each fish that has been caught.

  • Auto button

This button functions to catch fish automatically without being controlled. We do not recommend using this button, because it uses the chip quickly.

  • Plus (+) and Minus (-) buttons

This button functions to increase (+) or decrease (-) the strength of the bullet. The size and number of bullets that can be obtained depends on the value of your deposit.

This shooting game also has 3 special crabs as follows:

  • Bomb Crab

One of the special types of crab, if caught. This bomb crab can detonate itself and damage the fish around it.

  • Laser Crab

This crab if caught will turn into a bullet, and can be used with a predetermined time limit.

  • Bored Crab

These crabs can drill into the affected fish, then after a few seconds the fish will explode and cause damage to nearby fish.

This online fish shooting gambling game has odds for fish that have been caught, as follows:

  1. Fried Fish (Odds x 2)
  2. Ikan Nemo (Odds x 3)
  3. Sword Fish (Odds x 4)
  4. Ikan Ballon (Odds x 5)
  5. Fairy Fish (Odds x 6)
  6. Tropical Fish (Odds x 7)
  7. Lopster (Chance x 8)
  8. Marlin (Chance x 9)
  9. Gurita (Odds x 10)
  10. Lentera (Odds x 12)
  11. Turtle (Odds x 15)
  12. Convex Eyes (Odds x 18)
  13. Bat Fish (Odds x 20)
  14. Clown (Chance x 10-30)
  15. Big Fairies (Odds x 10-30)
  16. Big Balloons (Odds x 10-30)
  17. Shark (Chance x 20-50)
  18. Dolphins (Chance x 30-100)
  19. Hiu Emas (Odds x 100)
  20. Naga Emas (Odds x 100-500)
  21. Crocodile (Chance x 100-500)
  22. King Crab (Odds x 100-500)

The way to calculate it is:

If you have 100 coins and manage to catch a Ballon type fish (Odds x 5), then the calculation is 100 x 5 = 500.

Thus our discussion on How to Play Fish Shooting in Online Slot Gambling . Hope it helps you to understand it. Thank you.